Por Carlos Hoevel 

Fuente: Univerita Degli Studi di Trento – Dipartiminto di Lettere e Filosofia – Centro di Studi e Ricerche Antonio Rosmini – Rosmini Studies. 

The fruit of unprecedented and systematic research on Rosmini’s economic ideas, this volume is an accessible introduction to Antonio Rosmini’s economic thought showing its amplitude and connection to the history of economic ideas and giving an original interpretation of Rosmini’s economic ideas different from the ones proposed by some other Rosminian scholars. Introducing an alternative philosophical foundation to the study of economics, this book explains and adopts Rosmini’s perspective whose interpretation of economic action was fundamentally at odds with the prevailing and all-conquering utilitarianism of modernity. Besides, it also offers a detailed conceptual framework to guide alternative approaches to conventional neoclassical economics. In fact, the contemporary case is made by the author for adopting Rosmini’s principles in order to change an economic paradigm widely held to be unassailable. In that sense the author tries to persuade the reader about the relevance of Rosmini’s economic conception and public policies’ proposals in relation to contemporary economic debate showing how Rosmini’s higher  wisdom could be useful to build a non-rationalist, personalist and ethical economic science.

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