Septiembre 2016
September 23, 2016 | 12:05 PM EDT
Fuente: CNSNews

( – Abortion survivor Gianna Jessen recounted to a House panel on Friday how she survived being “burned” in her mother’s womb for 18 hours, the result of a saline abortion at an abortion clinic.

“Many Americans have no idea that babies can live through abortions and are often left to die, but this does happen. I know this, because I was born alive in abortion clinic after being burned in my mother’s womb for 18 hrs. My medical records clearly state the following: Born during saline abortion,” Jessen said during her opening testimony at the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing examining the Hyde Amendment and Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

“Apart from Jesus himself, the only reason I am alive is the fact that the abortionist had not yet arrived at work that morning. Had he been there, he would have ended my life by strangulation, suffocation, or simply leaving me there to die,” Jessen said.
Jessen said instead of death at the hands of the abortionist, she lived but developed cerebral palsy, the result of a lack oxygen to her brain during the saline abortion. She considers her cerebral palsy “a tremendous gift.”
“Instead, I lived and have the gift of cerebral palsy as a direct result of lack of oxygen to my brain while surviving an abortion,” Jessen said. “And cerebral palsy, make no mistake, is a tremendous gift. I don’t know if any of you understand – maybe you do – what a tremendous honor it is to have to lean on the strong arm of Jesus all the way to heaven. It is my honor. In a country that doesn’t wish to speak his name, I will.
“So by the grace of God in my case, a nurse called an ambulance and had me transferred to a hospital. That nurse saved my life, and I am profoundly grateful to her for this,” Jessen said.
“Those who wish to justify such unspeakable evil such as leaving a baby without proper medical care to die have become masters of the manipulation of language, intimidation, and defaming their opponents to achieve their wicked aims. As a nation, we are continuously exchanging a truth for a lie. We have neglected our soul, and what will it take for us to awaken from our numbness and indifference regarding this? Will we ever awake?” she asked.
“I am confounded as well by the passivity so often demonstrated by otherwise good and just men, by the fact that we must plead with those in power, to give the most vulnerable infants among us even one moment of their attention,” Jessen added.
“This is a bipartisan issue, and I think it is important for the American people to weigh at this hour whether or not they wish to elect someone to the highest office in the land that favors infanticide, because that is what we are speaking here – a child, exactly as I was that had the audacity to live through her mother’s abortion and needed immediate and proper care,” she said, adding that she wanted to know where both presidential candidates stand on the issue.
Jessen also called on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) “to force a vote on the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act before the end of this September.”
“I have faced the consequences of our choices as a nation as evidenced by my cerebral palsy. So if you choose to do nothing, I believe I at least deserve to know why you find this abhorrent practice tolerable, and I would respectfully, respectfully ask that you tell me directly,” Jessen said.
“It seems in some ways, we have lost our way in this beautiful nation, but it needn’t be so. We have only to remember that we are lent each breath, that we are all engraved upon the hands of God, and therefore, cannot for one single moment be forgotten by him. We need only to remember Jesus, who took me from my mother’s womb to be his own,” she said.